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Healthy Hair Treatments
Concerened with thinning hair, or hair that just won't grow? Healthy hair treatments are now available using our hair and scalp serum along with high frequency treatments to help promote hair growth.

Laser Resurfacing
Notice sun damage, fine lines, acne scars and wrinkles? Laser resurfacing also known as a laser peel is available to help improve your skin's texture.

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Enhanced skin rejuvenation (ESR)
The ESR is a noninvasive method of treating a range of concerns including sun damage, collagen stimulation, and pigment irregularities. Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation is a gentle laser treatment for wrinkles and sun damage. This no-downtime procedure is appropriate for the face but also for the chest, neck and hands - anywhere that sun damage shows. Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation is a non-ablative, non-invasive procedure, in which, the surface of the skin is not damaged or removed.

Facial Rejuvenation / Collagen Stimulation
Rejuvenate your skin quickly and effectively. Laser therapy is the latest in medical aesthetics innovation and can help veins disappear, even out skin pigment, and stimulate collagen growth. Facial rejuvenation works by guiding a laser light to the existing vessels, or pigment discoloration and then diminishing or completely eliminating their appearance. Come in for this 1/2 hour procedure and look fresh faced with no down time.

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Cellulite Treatment
Our cellulite treatments is a non-invasive technique that involves gently massaging away the lumps and bumps of cellulite. The licensed massage therapist uses very specific techniques such as kneading and gently pinching and pulling of the tissues to help break down cellulite. There are a number of reasons why cellulite massage is so effective. Firstly, it assists with lymphatic drainage by increasing circulation to the cells deep under the skin. This increases blood flow and oxygen to the affected areas, releasing the build up of fluids and toxins, and softening up the fibrous bands that have hardened overtime. Secondly, the massaging motion stretches and relaxes the connective tissues, breaks up the fatty deposits, and smooths and tones the skin. This treatment is best done weekly and is available in package pricing.

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Spider Vein Laser Treatment
Heat generated from the laser coagulates the blood inside the vessel causing it to collapse and seal. After a few weeks, the vessel will disappear and all the blood will be removed by the body's scavenging cells.

Sclerotherapy is one method, along with surgery, radio-frequency and laser ablation for treatment of varicose veins and venous malformations. A medicine is injected into the vessels, which makes them shrink.

Laser Hair Reduction
Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a laser beam of light to remove unwanted hair. During laser hair removal, a laser beam passes through the skin to the hair follicle. The intense heat of the laser damages the hair follicle, reducing hair growth. It doesn't guarantee permanent hair removal. It typically takes several laser hair removal treatments to provide an extended hair-free period. Periodic maintenance treatments may be needed as well.

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Acudetox is an effective auricular acupuncture therapy that is great for easing anxiety, sleeplessness, and aiding in the management of addictive behaviors (for example, smoking and food cravings). It is a painless procedure that can be completed during your lunch break, or added to any treatment.

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Dr. William Kalchoff
Dr. William Kalchoff graduated from St. Louis University School of Medicine and has been practicing professionally for over 25 years. Dr. Kalchoff practiced Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery before focusing his expertize on the treatment of varicose veins. He has successfully established vein treatment centers in Houston, Harlingen, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, and Dubai.
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